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[37][11], Suddenly, Mars breaks through the treasury's door and manages to incapacitate everyone except Asta and Mimosa. Damnatio Kira accuses the pair of controlling the Magic Knights who attacked the Kingdom, and Secre's horns are cited as proof of her involvement with Forbidden Magic. Secre remains silent and does not bother Asta in anyway while the latter is in audience with the 28th Magic Emperor, Julius Novachrono, nor when he is attending the ceremony and banquet that honors several members of the Magic Knights. Rōmaji [92] This breaks the seals on Secre and the statue. Height When not writing for CBR, she teaches creative writing courses, practices yoga, and advocates for diversity within publishing. Show More . Her deadpanned expression translates over to her human form. Secre Swallowtail Nero Black Clover Ep 116 Em 2020 Anime Nanatsu Desenhos . NEXT: Black Clover: The 10 Best Main Character Cosplays. [68] However, she stays behind when Asta launches himself at Yagos. Secre is generally apathetic. Voice Actors The bird follows Yuno and Charmy but the gate closes before she can enter. Fun fact: Nero is lazy! [13] After Finral teleports them there, Secre has him take the magic stones from the tablet and place them in the First Magic Emperor's statue. She remains in the base when Asta is fired from a cannon. Pin By Prince Khan On Black Clover Black Clover Anime Black Clover Manga Clover . Breaking the Seal. RELATED: Black Clover: 5 Anime Protagonist Asta Can Beat (& 5 He Can't). She wears a black dress with thin straps and a short, ruffled skirt that resembles feathers. Related Pages. She has dark bags under her eyes. She stays in her bird form and mainly stays seated on Asta's head. Secre's grimoire design is the background for, Secre is one of the favorite characters of. Black Bull She makes it a point to stay by his side and even builds a nest in his room. This cutie has upturned horns coupled with two tail feathers which are shaped like arrows. Noelle Silva & Mimosa Vermillion. In addition, Nero also possesses a pair of horns on either side her head and a pair of long black feathers sticking up from the top of her head. Episode 3 By storing time magic, Julius Novachrono ensures that even if he dies, he'll survive. Even if Zagred casts reincarnation magic on the elves, toys with Patolli's emotions, and revives once again to create mayhem, Secre still deserves her hero status with the role she played in initially sealing away the devil. ASTA SHIRT: Nero’s True Form and SECRET PLAN! or. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Secre wishes to go with him, but he tells her to live on. Due to using Forbidden Magic, she grows two black horns on the sides of her head. How Cute Asta The Bird Black Clover Amino from Black clover / black clover. [51] Afterwards, Secre stays put on top of the little girl's head while they are observing the fight from afar. [5][14] She also constantly helps Asta in every predicament, such as guiding him through the dungeon or showing him the path to an artifact behind the wall. Undine adds that the curse is from Megicula. Secre is impressed by the Princess's expansive and delicate magic power. [99] Asta tries to imitate Licht's spell, and when Lemiel asks about the boy's sword, Secre explains that another devil took up residence in Licht's grimoire and Asta uses its Anti Magic. Along the way, Secre reopens the gate into the Shadow Palace and drops Finral in the throne room. Alias One of her notable features is her slanted eyes that give Nero a hostile aura. The magic tool was used to kill the elves and Tetia, and Licht's grimoire has become corrupted into a five-leaf clover. TV Show. During that time, Secre meets Vanessa Enoteca, who compliments the cute little creature. [106] Secre then thanks Asta and Yuno for ending the centuries of strife. She then grabs Lemiel's and Finral's hands so the prince can launch them all back to the castle. Despite the overwhelming threat, Secre believes in Asta and tells him to win. [127], Six months later, Secre in her bird form sits on Charmy's head while Lolopechka pampers the glutton in the Princess's underground chamber. [78] The bird pecks at Asta's forehead but flies away to avoid Licht's attacks. [17], While Lemiel fights the monster, Secre notices that Tetia and one of the twins is still alive so she seals their injuries. Blood Type Große Auswahl an Schreibwaren zum Thema Black Clover mit einzigartigen Motiven, designt von unabhängigen Künstlern. [44] She also remains close when Asta and Noelle need to go to the Magic Knights headquarters in the Noble Realm to report about the mission. Write for us! From their design to their character background, here are 10 fun facts about Black Clover's Nero that may not have known. Fun fact: Nero hides in Asta's clothing. [62] Secre reunites with Asta after he returns from meeting with the Magic Emperor. By sealing away both the devil and Lemiel, it's as though she's sealing herself as punishment too. [115] The Black Bulls prepare to fight to defend Asta and Secre, but Damnatio shrinks their spells. When the Black Bulls return to the queen's throne room, Secre sits on Asta's head while the queen hands over the stone and tells them about the Elf Tribe. [126], Secre, Noelle, and Mimosa are trained by Lolopechka, who focuses on the plans and tactics she developed after facing Vanica Zogratis and Megicula. RELATED: Black Clover: 5 Pairings That Make Sense (& 5 That Would Be Awful). She remains on Asta's head while the Black Bulls bid farewell to their new friends, return to their base,[72] and greet the other returning Black Bulls. [88], After Drowa is exorcised, Secre flies over and sits on Gauche's head. Secre stares in disbelief. Secre follows Asta to the Witches' Forest. Constellation [7] After six months of training in the Heart Kingdom, she wears a modified version of the robe, which is held by a grey cord.[9]. Nero has a deadpanned expression the entire time unless she's hurriedly pecking at Asta. They pester several examinees prior to the start of the exam. Back when Nero was known as Secre, and she was a servant to the first known Wizard King, she studied magic tools with Lemiel. About 9 months ago . [57] After returning to Asta's head, Secre then discovers Noelle who is watching them from afar. Pin By Rayfe On Black Clover Pics Black Clover Anime Black Clover Manga Anime . Fun fact: Nero's appearance is different from your typical anti-magic bird. 13 notes. She locates the magic stone and brings it to the Black Bulls after the Temple Battle Royale. This brings to light potential theories about the identity of Secre. [103], Secre flies over to Licht and Lemiel as they send out protective auras to the elves,[104] and Patolli protects the three of them from the devil's magic. [55] However, when Secre notices Sekke Bronzazza is also on a blind date, the anti-bird quickly takes off to the latter's table and intensely observes him. Do you have proven online publishing experience? She then pulls on his cheek and reprimands him for acting like Lemiel. [116], Secre and Asta accompany Yami when he goes to ask Charlotte Roselei about her curse. Their faces have red feathers while their undersides have white feathers. As an anti-bird, her favorite things are the tops of people's heads (the softer, the better). Create New Account. Asta protests, but as Secre listens to the nobles' comments, she realizes that their prejudices are clouding their judgment. Weitere Ideen zu anime, kawaii anime mädchen, manga girl. Secre Swallowtail (Nero) Age: 17 (time spent as a bird: 500 years) Height:152 cm Zodiac Sign: Gemini Likes: Fluffy, soft things. [132], Secre Swallowtail (VIZ), Secré Swallowtail (Funimation). Tons of awesome Nero Black Clover desktop wallpapers to download for free. [4], Five centuries later, she decides to stay alongside Asta after encountering him at the beginning of the Magic Knights Entrance Exam. Not long after, the anti-bird follows Asta when the latter decides to move out before the others. [48] Secre remains by Asta's side until they find the man behind the invasion, Rades Spirito. [80] When Licht blasts the humans out of the dungeon, Yuno protects Secre and Mimosa as they all fall down into the water below. Vol. In the VIZ popularity polls, Secre ranked #6 in the fourth. Click HERE and Join our Team! She settles in a nest next to Vanessa's chair. 152 cm[1]8 cm (bird) A one-stop shop for all things video games. [102] Asta and Yuno work together to stab Zagred, who in response summons even more creatures from the underworld, threatening to swallow the Shadow Palace. Any criticism is welcome, as i stated this is my first time drawing bird nero and i wish to get better. If you haven't noticed, this anti-magic bird radiates attitude. [25], After they walk in the dark for quite sometime, they finally arrive at the inner-side of the dungeon. As a human, Secre is a slender woman with black hair in a bob style. Chapter 2 Secre finally breaks her silence by showing them a path after she sees that both Black Bulls do not know which direction they need to go. When they arrive, they are immediately handcuffed and brought before Parliament to stand trial. Let's begin with Nero's absolutely adorable appearance. The Blue Rose's captain runs screaming from her room and past Secre and Asta who are standing outside the door. On their way to the inner-side of the dungeon, Asta and Noelle start arguing on the name that they should use to address Secre. [105] Asta and Yuno manage to pin Zagred between their two swords, but Asta's black form gives out. [129] However, the sealing fails due to Megicula's Decaying World, which weakens and corrupts the natural mana arrays, allowing the devil to break out of the prison. 1 Depicts a Vibrant Past... and an Already-Dated Future? [74], A week later, Secre accompanies Charmy Pappitson to the Royal Knights Selection Exam. Nero 「黒(ネロ)」 Monica Rial [40] After Asta is finally able to understand Secre's hint, the boy takes the sword and resumes his fight. Sousei No Onmyouji Sub Español. Black Clover: 1x117. Recent Top. Bird When Noelle pleads with Patolli to train them, Secre and the others echo her resolve to become stronger, and Patolli agrees to teach them the elves' Ultimate Magic. One could say that it's symbolic of the cost of using forbidden magic. [30][31] While the Black Bulls fight against Lotus Whomalt of the Diamond Kingdom, Secre lands on top of Asta's head, but quickly flies away to avoid being a hindrance to them. Manga Once Vanica is goaded into using all of Megicula's power that she can, Secre flies into Ludic Sanctuary and seals Vanica in a combination of Mana Method and her Eternal Prison spell. Status She also possesses a strong sense of loyalty and devotion to Prince Lemiel Silvamillion Clover, having defied natural law to keep him alive and caused herself to be sealed as a bird, and despite this, she still retained her strong sense of loyalty towards him and she even went as far as stating that she would gladly follow him to the afterlife when his body began to crumble after exhausting his power. [66], She sits quietly as Asta travels to the Royal Capital to report to Julius. The anti-bird also remains composed when Yuno sends his farewell to Asta by launching an attack towards him. This theorization brings forth a slew of hypothesis and guesswork as to its meaning. After Asta blocks the devil's trident,[97] Zagred summons another Storm of Swords, which Licht, Lemiel, Yuno, and Patolli knock down. This cutie has upturned horns coupled with two tail feathers which are shaped like arrows. The design of her eyes are present in both Nero's human and anti-bird form. fushikaeri. Secre Swallowtail (VIZ), Secré Swallowtail (Funimation) After she encounters Asta, Secre decides to land on top of his head[5] and sneaks into his clothes for a couple of days without revealing herself to the former. Follow. Asta compliments her magic and notes that she seems familiar, but Secre tells him to focus on the battle. セクレ・スワロテイル TV Channel. If we trace the story from the time Secre uses the magic stones to when she transforms into an anti-magic bird, we find discrepancies. Megicula then restrains Secre and destroys Lolopechka's spell, and the explosion heavily injures Secre.[130]. As they arrive at the Black Bull's headquarters, Secre keeps herself comfortable on top of Asta's head while the Black Bull members are having a conversation around him. Fun fact: Nero's been alive for a little over 5 centuries, so 500+ years. Due to using Forbidden Magic, she grows two black horns on the sides of her head.As an anti-bird, Nero is a very small bird with a pair of sleek wings, a pair of tails that form an arrow at th… [131] Secre is protected by Noelle and Mimosa attacking the explosion. Nero Asta Anti Bird Black Clover Iphone Galaxy Lg Phone Snap Or Toug Meh Geek Lg Phone Phone Case . Anti-birds are small birds that have black feathers on their back, wings, and around their face. Sealing Magic Interest. Secre then shifts her attention and observes Asta, alongside Noelle, when the boy is taken into an alley by his date, Rebecca Scarlet. It stands to reason that Nero had the time and drive to seek answers and solutions to the forbidden magic and stones. I knew they said in the start of episodes that these type of birds stick to a person having low mana. Secre takes it to Asta and uses it to peck Asta's head in order to wake him up. She's self-aware in anti-bird form, so just how close are these two?! She reports that the magic siphon was stolen and unseals the prince. [43], A week after the mission, at the Black Bull's headquarters, Secre joins Asta on a feast that is given to the latter for his performance during the mission. [27] Later on, after both teams go their separate ways, Asta and Noelle continue to explore the dungeon. Species [73] When the Black Bulls are ranked second, Secre flies off of Asta's head before Yami throws the boy on stage. [50] Secre remains unruffled even when the little girl is about to be attacked and Noelle steps in to protect her in Asta's place. Show Less. [8], After becoming a member of the Black Bull squad, she begins wearing the squad's signature robe. [101] When Asta succeeds in controlling the Anti Magic, Secre explains to Lemiel that Asta is a magic-less idiot who refuses to give up. When they aren't traveling, she sleeps in her nest in his room. Lemiel's interests lie in magic tools and how they can be used by people. What happens to the magic stones? For a baseline, the most common types of magic tools are brooms and wands. She's more often than not either perched upon Asta's head or settled on the sidelines to watch Asta stumble about as he faces off against powerful foes. [41], After Mars is instantaneously defeated by Yuno, Secre remains close to the fainted Asta as all of them rush towards the exit as the dungeon is collapsing. Asta explains that they are investigating a devil's curse, and Lolopechka bluntly reveals that she is the cursed one, which shocks Secre and Asta. Secre flies over to the prince and offers to seal Asta's power which is becoming more uncontrolled, but Lemiel suggests that she wait. advertisement. [7], As a human, Secre is a short, slender woman with black hair in a bob style. When Zagred belittles their magic, Secre tells him to be quiet and that their magic will defeat him. Two strands, made to look more like hair than feathers, peak up at the top of her head. [117] Secre later transforms back into a bird and rests on Asta's head while he and Yami visit the Blue Rose base. [19] Secre uses the magic stones to seal Zagred, and the magic causes two horns to grow from her head. [56], Secre then stays by Asta's side when the latter visits Rebecca in Nairn. She specializes in sealing magic, which makes her the hero of the day in many ways. Two locks of hair stick up from the top of her head. [100] When Zagred summons more monstrous creatures to overwhelm the boy, Lemiel grabs Asta and tries to fly with him but Asta accidentally hits Lemiel into a wall. The meeting is interrupted by a report that the Diamond Kingdom is attacking Kiten. Jan 9, 2020 - “best bird secre #blackclover #secreswallowtail #nero” Noelle is obsessed with Nero and cannot get another of her eyes. Two strands, made to look more like hair than feathers, peak up at the top of her head. She hides the two of them in a ball of cotton within Noelle's hood. When Julius notices her standing there, his curiosity piques and he inquires about what type of magic she has. The anti-bird flies away when Gauche Adlai assaults Asta. [64] A week later, Secre secretly follows the Black Bulls into the Seabed Temple. Unbeknownst to Nero, they've all viewed her as a member of their magic knight squad ever since that naming. [28] Asta and Noelle are still unable to reach their destination as they are lost in an area with an unusual gravitational field. [10] Additionally, she also has a penchant to use this tactic to get her thoughts across to others as well, or when she is disagreeing with them.[11][12][13]. As they are so sensitive to magic, this brings up the question: How does Nero know where the magic stones and anti-magic sword are hiding? Nero's on the hunt for magic stones and helps Asta locate anti-magic weapons, but that's the extent of the help she's willing to lend. [82], The bird follows Asta and Yuno when the two leave to defend Hage from attack. [125], In the royal palace, Secre and Asta are reunited with the other Magic Knights, and Lolopechka explains why the Heart Kingdom needs the help of the Clover Kingdom. A[1] [113], Suddenly, the other Black Bulls barge into the courthouse to rescue Asta and Secre, and Secre is shocked to hear Yami refer to her as a squad member. [70] The next morning, she is back to sitting on his head and shoulder while he wanders the base.[71]. Magic KnightsRoyal servant (former) So, if you didn't already know those fun facts, now you do. [49], While Asta is fighting against Rades, Secre stays on top of a little girl's head that Asta saved from the terrorist. Black Clover: 10 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Nero, Black Clover: 5 Pairings That Make Sense (& 5 That Would Be Awful). After Asta manages to render Mars unconscious, Secre returns to Asta and lands on top of his head. Secre stops Asta from incriminating himself by revealing that there is another devil in his grimoire. [79] She sits on Mimosa's head and watches the fight. Although he is only an anti-magic bird, Nero is one of the important figures in Black Clover. The Magic Knights are later found by Patolli, Rhya, Vetto, and Fana, who take them back to a secret village of elves, Elysia. She clutches his hand as he crumbles away and thanks her for everything she has done over the five centuries. [110], Later that day, Secre attends a meeting with Julius. Spoiler Alert: Nero is actually a human known as Secre Swallowtail, and she's just as cute as her anti-magic bird form! Furthermore, the feathers around Nero's neck have a fuzzier texture then the rest of her feathers, which creates the sense of wearing a collar around her neck. 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Anime [84] She then settles on Asta's head and travels with the boy to a town in the Common Realm. [85] She watches the fight from afar and, after Lufulu is exorcised, flies down to settle on Asta's head again. Human She approaches the noblewoman and stares at her as Noelle learns about Asta's decision to stay at Rebecca's house. [109] After the remaining elf spirits are exorcised by the combined effort of William, Licht, and Asta, Secre stands with Lemiel on a broken tower and look out over the kingdom, while Mimosa, Asta, and Noelle are nearby. Black Clover Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. We see this when he's defeated and returns as a younger version of himself. [52] When Asta returns with the Magic Emperor after being captured by members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, Secre immediately leaves the little girl's head and greets Asta by pecking his head. Due to the overuse of Forbidden Magic, she is transformed into an anti-bird. 17 (as a human)[1]18[2] (Spade Kingdom Invasion)500 (as a bird) During the Star Awards Festival, Secre sits on Asta's head. She wears a black dress with thin straps and a short, ruffled skirt that resembles feathers. Before her spell finishes, Zagred calls the stones over and uses them to cast Reincarnation Magic on the elves, planning to return with them.

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