red severum care
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red severum care  등록일  2021-01-25

The Red Shoulder Severum Cichlid, formerly from the Amazon, is a very trusting species that will sometimes take food directly from your hand. Love interaction with the outside world. Stunning Red Jewels around 7cm. Oct 19, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Isabel Singler. They are hardy, peaceful fish. The fish you will receive are approximately 4cm. Red Shoulder Severums require an aquarium of 55 gallons for a pair and the aquarium should be larger (75-90 gallons) if multiple tank mates are added. Tweet. Report . Contact the Seller. They are known to be … Rotkeil, these fish exhibit 9 vertical stress bars, and were likely hybridized with H. efasciatus at some point. Cari produk Hiasan Taman lainnya di Tokopedia. Planted Freshwater Aquarium Supplies: Plant Tools, Dolphin Fish - Mormyrus longirostris (Eastern bottle-nosed mormyrid). Size is about 1.5 - 2 inches... Red Shoulder Severum (Cichlasoma severum, Heros Rotkeil) Red Shoulder Severums are omnivores and eat insects, small crustaceans and vegetable matter in natural habitat. As for fry, you can remove the eggs from the tank and transfer them to a hatchery or, you can leave them to let the parents take care of them. Severum - Care information, recommendations and advice on health, diet, compatibility, breeding from the members of Home; Forum; Articles; Caresheets; Photo Gallery; Account. The eye popping red coloration of this fish was selectively bred from Gold Severums. Red Gold Severum Heros sp.

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