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If you have found it useful and would like to support its development, please click one of the buttons below (you can either donate via PayPal or with any of the major credit / debit cards). the name of "the Balmoral Schottische". from Charles Gore: Once the dancers have the hang of the dance, the caller often varies the number you play a jig for the first part where dancers are doing things with their E.g. If My band plays it in D, much handier I reckon. the 16-bar dances (4x32), 6 times through the 32-bar dances, etc. between two ladies or lady between two men. ... Join Music-Scores for unlimited Classical Sheet Music downloads. Repeat the 40 bars of the start of the dance. hands back again. His fame's my concern How my bosom would burn When I saw him return crown'd with victory! underneath. Formation: couples in a circle around the room, ladies www.traditionalmusic.co.uk/mandolin-tab/Dashing_White_Sergeant.htm, http://www.scotdisc.co.uk/artcat/atoz/k/kinl_727.htm#track, http://www.scottishdance.net/ceilidh/dances.html#DashingWhite, http://www.ibiblio.org/fiddlers/DASH_DAY.htm. The man raises his left hand and the lady turns underneath then cast back up to the top, making an arch over the other dancers. Often played and danced on Burns Night, which is celebrated around 25th January. for two steps then back again. Ceilidh Hey up ! jigs (6/8 tempo). Description: The Dashing White Sergeant, including Scottish Dance steps. The dance is performed by groups of six dancers and is progressive. Bar 2: Out1 and Out2 pass LS while Mid1 and Mid2 turn around Join up in a circle of 6 and circle round to the left for 8 If you are a member of The Session, log in to add a comment. (32 bar and the dance is 64 bars long) but can be and is sometimes done to The Dashing White Sergeant (64) The dance of the same name is an 'around the room' dance for sets of 6 dancers, 3 facing 3. Perhaps because of its title, the tune was quick to enter British military repertoire as a march; the melody was soon adapted for dancing, however, becoming nearly as popular in America as it was in England. strathspeys to me! called "Glenlivet" which describes as Strathspey or Highland Schottische. All join hands in a circle. “The Dashing White Sergeant” was originally a song written by English composer, conductor and arranger Sir Henry Rowley Bishop, and published in the mid-1820s. Skip sideways away from your partner (men towards the centre of (do-si-do). Spin that new partner, finishing back in the large circle, lady on polka. eg: Cast off one place (also in this instance cast off to second place) - 9/8. The other partner stands still. Men advance, turn round and walk out to the next lady CW (the Who remembers The Kipper Family’s "Dashing White Privates"? hand in man's left, man's right hand on lady's waist, and lady's left hand on men joining hands behind ladies' backs, ladies' arms on top Ceilidh dances Another has two advance and retires to start, followed by The White Cockade (32) 3. note if 2nd couple are still there they will get run over. for four steps. The tune is derived from a song of the same name, written by English composer, conductor and arranger Sir Henry Rowley Bishop, and was published in the mid-1820s. SCD 1st couple join both hands and side slip down the middle and "Turkey in the Straw". There is a tradition at ceilidhs of repeating each dance; if you do this, Bars 5-8: Repeat (heading in opposite direction) back to place. foot up in front of shin (3rd aerial), point in 2nd and bring foot up Highland 1, couple on their left number 2, couple opposite number 3 and couple on the 1st lady works down men, while 1st man works down ladies, Ballroom hold has the man facing the lady, lady's right Formation: couples around the room in ballroom hold then right). The Highland Schottische was introduced in 1855 and was known by has it in F with mandolin tab - I suppose that might be handy for fiddle too, but of course no bowing hints. A cast takes you behind the standing person/people (or where they would Modern typesetting. Shetland) Strip the Willow, a good face to face. Still setting, the man raises his arms and the ladies turn forwards with right foot then left foot, man backwards with left foot Just drop me a mail at ian@scottishdance.net. 1st couple with 2nd couple, and 3rd couple with 4th couple dance All join hands on the sides and sideslip down the room and back your feet, left heel in right instep), bringing the right foot off the Step to the side along line of dance (man with left foot, lady Take two steps sideways in the opposite direction. and ladies on the left as viewed from the band. partner, left hand to the next person, right to the next, and so on, Scott Skinner published a "Balmoral Schottische" in his Elgin They all look like If the link is red you can create them using the form provided. Formation: couples around the room facing each other, tunes like "Orange and Blue", "Lad wi' the Plaidie", "Cathkin Braes" and With nearer hands joined, facing along line of dance, balance Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Amazon.co.uk. Music: 2/4 or 4/4 march. Music: 2/4 or 4/4 pipe march (not 6/8) or scottische. The Dashing White Sergeant, including Scottish Dance steps. err on the side of fewer repetitions in each set, so maybe 8 times through the pas de basque: Note the phrasing with 4 beats in the bar, even though you only do things If you aren’t a member of The Session yet, you can sign up now. the three turns and do-si-do all together in 16 bars (9-24). . for the full eight bars. 4th couple) and turn by the right hand to the end of the phrase. room. Formation: steps) and retire. When 1st couple reach the bottom, they spin to the end of the Return to partner and join in ballroom (waltz) hold. behind calf (3rd rear aerial). Music left shoulder to 1st partner to start). Men are travelling anti-clockwise, Music: This is normally danced to tunes in common time Dashing White Sergeant (2) (The) Click on the tune title to see or modify Dashing White Sergeant (2) (The)'s annotations. Formation: four couples arranged around a square, lady Doesn’t anything come up on an advanced google ? Music: 6/8 or 9/8 double jigs. passing back to back. Lady All advance and retire, then turn partners LH. Changes Hints & tips Listen to Various Artists Dashing White Sergeant MP3 song. The person in the middle turns to the person on their right and 1st man turns 4L LH, partner RH, 3L LH, partner RH, 2L LH. both in front of you) and dance anticlockwise anti-clockwise, ladies on the right. Select Your Cookie Preferences. Wodeninjun, If you go to John Chambers Tune Search you’ll find it there. right number 4 (ie numbering clockwise). Formation: couples around the room facing and counting aloud until you reach "seven". Music notes for sheet music by Henry Bishop: Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries at Sheet Music Plus. the bottom; 1st couple make an arch and the other three couples dance up Best practised to a reel (4/4 - "egg and mustard") rather than on the outside, men on the inside, joined in ballroom hold with partners. steps (four bars) and back. others circle round to the left and back. The term "Highland Schottische" appears to have arisen to The title comes from the original lyrics, traditionally attributed to the 18th century General, John Burgoyne. one who was on their left; the one who is now to the right of their All advance and retire, then turn partners RH. The dance: Davy-Davy Knick Knack (32) 6. http://www.scottishdance.net/ceilidh/dances.html#DashingWhite I have tried to give Facing partner, both hands joined, and heading clockwise, cross turns him. do not pass, but stop with that person. Berlin Polkey was a popular dance in Donegal maybe in the late 19th c. and Dance a grand chain around the circle, starting giving right hand to right for men), then point with leading leg. ), Schottisch All advance and retire, then turn partners BH. I think two tunes are enough. a 4-couple set). right hands across in a wheel (star) and back with the left. So that's 464 bars: 40 + 8x48 + 40. Formation: couples around the room in heading It dates back around 150 years, having first become popular in the mid 19th century. Advance into the centre and retire twice. to face in. With sufficient speed, Lady turns about on the spot under the joined hands. E.g. partner, then 2nd partner. Often played and danced on Burns Night, which is celebrated around 25th January. caller and the dancers because often the strip can take more than 32 bars and "John MacAlpine" (aka: Oft in thStilly Night). band. Content on this site is licensed under a "The Mason's Apron". Highland Scottisches seem to have been danced (traditionally) to [From Caoimhin Mac Aoidh, "Between the Jigs and the Reels"]: The Search The Dashing White Sergeant. The tune was used for other songs, notably "The Female Volunteer For Mexico," during the Mexican War (See Dolph, "Sounds Off, Soldier Songs," 1929, pp. This is by no means exhaustive yet, but I welcome suggestions, comments "A Barn Dance in Donegal has We play ‘Lord Randell’s Bride’ with this for the dance and return back to ‘DWS’ for 2 turns to finish. I’m wanting the music (dots) to dashing white sergeant . we play a set for this that i’ ll post tomorrow when i sort out the music. Both are in simple duple time. Formation: Large circle round the room, ladies on the on three of them. When the march/cast off/up the center Bar 1: Out1 & Mid1, and Mid2 & Out2 Pass RS. Bands you get back early, spin until the end of the phrase. If there are n sets, the dancers will face their original partners after n×32 bars. 1 Dashing White Sergeant/Aitken Drum/Bill Sutherland/Old French Air 02:09; 2 Miss Rowan Davies 03:42; 3 The Headlands/Paul Martin's March/Bonnie Woods Of Craigielea 03:39; 4 Swinging On The Gate/Brenda Stubbert's Reel/The Drunken Landlady/The Plough And The Stars 04:12; 5 Hi Ri Ho Ro/We're Off To The Isles/The Piper O' Dundee 03:45 around the set (keep going in the same direction and give right hand, Hands joined in a circle, all advance for four steps, retire Follow Robbie Shepherd's simple guide for this traditional Scottish country dance. Here, or even Ode to Joy. All advance and retire, then dance back to back with partners Listen: steps (4 bars) and back to the right. The dance is performed by groups of six dancers and is progressive. amounts). Hands joined in a circle, circle round to the left (8 bars/16 steps). Apparently the song was to be part of one of Bishop's operas, although there is no evidence it ever actually made it … Nearer hands joined, touch the left heel then the left toe to Download Help! Info on it: video of it on YouTube. the right, ready to start again. Men with left foot, ladies with right, point toe in 2nd, bring For the start of the dance, dancers hold hands in their circles, and are arranged around the outside of the dance floor. Except where otherwise indicated, all content on this site (including text, images, dance descriptions and any and further tips. left arm while doing so. this point). Anyway; The duration of … up again. Scottish folk dance tune. Listen to Scottish Music: The Gold Collection, Ceilidh by Various Artists on Apple Music. I too was surprised not to see the DWS in the tunes already submitted - I think it’s one of the classics, wherever it comes from! Step onto that foot, close other foot behind, step onto the Think of a reel of three with an extra person and an extra loop. "The Irish a jig (6/8 - jiggety jiggety). End couples dance right hands across in a star (wheel), then left specified, a good length for the 16-bar dances is probably 4-6 times 32 Bars 9-12: In your 3s (ignore the other 3 in your circle! We play Dashing White Sergeant, My Love’s shes But A Lassie Yet, The Rose Tree & The Cairdin O’t for this dance but it may vary on the night. If an army of Amazons e'er came into play … is a couple dance (ie. Nearer hands joined, swing the inner leg (and joined hands) Formation: in threes around the room facing waist, and all dance right hands across in a star (wheel). (German "Scottish", a misnomer since there is no evidence of Scottish partner) and away, then change places, turning the lady under the man's to face in. 1st couple cast behind the lines to the bottom of the set (below of hands, 8, 9, 10, etc. Browse Properties
Browse/:Dashing White Sergeant (2) (The) Theme code Index 5133 3331H Also known as Indian Melody (The) Composer/Core Source Close. tried a search with no joy . ), the middle person turn to the person on their … anti-clockwise, man between two ladies. With nearer hands joined, walk slowly along the line of dance, With nearer hands joined, walk slowly against the line of dance Take ballroom hold and waltz along the line of dance. whom it may concern !) Repeat Figure with 2nd lady, 3rd lady, 4th lady, 1st man, 2nd Scotland's Music At the moment I have the following dances: You may also like to try the following dances: Notes for musicians wanting guidance on what to play. with right) and swing other leg across. Giving right hands to partner to start, dance a grand chain 1st lady turns partner, opposite man, partner, opposite man We have over 5,000 files to choose from. Collection (1884); on the same page of this collection is a tune of his All join hands in a circle and circle round to the left for 8 8-12 times through the dance); for 32-bar dances like The Another is advance back. set, men passing back to back, then dance back again, ladies touch heel then toe of outer foot to ground twice, bouncing on the inner The Rose Tree (lots of times), Tripping On The Mountain (lots of times), Aiken Drum (a few times), Breakdown (a few times) and. Groups Four Dashing White Sergeant. There are 23 recordings of this tune. Creative Commons License. for 8 slip-steps (4 bars), then back up again TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SET to face alternately away from and towards your partner with each step. The Rakes of Mallow (32) 5. Dashing White Sergeant sheet music for Treble Clef Instrument - 8notes.com Washerwoman", "The Curlew", "The Jig of Slurs" for 6/8 and "Drops of Brandy" for across the bottom and back to place. Take four steps anti-clockwise, pulling leading shoulder back As a dashing white sergeant I'd march away. There is no precise equivalent in Gaelic. until the original couple is back to the top (should be roughly 8x32 for One variety is: Music: "Hoedown" reels, e.g. The Dashing White Sergeant is another popular Scottish ceilidh dance, which is danced with 2 sets of 3 people, joining together in a circle of six. Music: Lively reels, played 40 bars for the first time Trad. dancers in a line, middle dancers facing out, outer dancers facing in. Hands crossed in front (right to right and left to left), Skill Level: 3 out of 9 “The Dashing White Sergeant” is the name of a Scottish social (céilidh) dance. Books a reel like Rakes of Mallow of Mrs McLeod. you only move one place down or up. In ballroom hold, take three steps sideways towards the lady's Consult with caller to decide how many times for each. Creative Commons License. the floor, bouncing on the right foot with each touch. (variation - dance a reel of three with partner and opposite man, giving Bar 3: Mid1 & Out2, and Out1 & Mid2 Pass RS. "The Highland as commonly performed throughout Donegal today The Highland is special to Donegal; though universally so (The man may set). Starting with the outside foot, walk forward for three steps Both lines dance forwards, one line raising their hands in an trailing leg over leading leg (ie right over left for ladies, left over forward and back, then walk forwards. Side couples (2 and 4) repeat (getting the hang of this?). Using elbow grip, turn 1st partner, then 2nd partner, then 1st often used include "Soldier's Joy", "Mrs MacLeod of Raasay", "The Fairy Dance", starting and ending with "The Dashing White Sergeant". Find composition details, parts / movement information and albums that contain performances of The Dashing White Sergeant on AllMusic. front) and take four steps backwards. End couples dance the basket: make a small circle in the middle, - these are available from Amazon, Music: The Dashing White Sergeant - 32 bar reels, starting and ending with "The Dashing White Sergeant". back) and left hands joined in front, walk forward for four steps, One variation has bars 33-40 expanded - slip down to the bottom (4 bars) 1st couple cast behind their lines to below 4th couple, turn once round by the right hand, Sheet Music Dashing White Sergeant: Piano composed by Traditional. Usually 32 bars worth. to new positions. confuse it with the Ecossaise, which is a country dance and thus very 1st lady goes into the centre of the set and sets while the Ladies join right hands in the middle, and hold partners around (LV.16288). continuing in the same direction around the circle Couples number from nearest the right of their partner. rotating clockwise and following line of dance anticlockwise around the There follow chapter, verse, chorus and encore on the "Schottische" (for Spin with partner RH to the end of the phrase. we need to learn the tune for a ceilidh we have in a couple of weeks. Re: Dashing White Sergeant Then when the strip begins the music changes to 1st lady, followed by 2nd and 3rd ladies, dances across the top Links Some books Start with advancing/turning/do-si-do with partners (in various 1st couple join both hands and side-slip (gallop) down the room This song is sung by Various Artists. Step back and swing other leg Print and Download Dashing White Sergeant sheet music. and cast back up behind their lines to original place. Download and print in PDF or MIDI free sheet music for Dashing White Sergeant by Misc tunes arranged by Improad for Piano (Solo) There are several versions of this, but one common one is: Formation: Longwise sets of 4 couples, men on the right Anti-line of dance (Anti-LoD): the opposite to LoD. different. clockwise. The Dashing White Sergeant is a Scottish country dance, performed to a similarly titled piece of music. be if they were standing) - "off" takes you "down" the set (away from the band, (dropping the other hand). and hop (or kick). Size 10.0 Source 78 User_cleaned Eduardo Nuestro User_metadataentered David Satten-Lopez User_transferred Bounce on supporting foot on each of left shoulder to partner to start). ground, pause (if you're feeling ambitious, go for the jetté at original working foot again, and close original supporting foot behind or whatever) moves around the floor (anti-clockwise around the room). Formation: three facing three around the room, man Follow allmusic. The Dashing White Sergeant song from the album Old Tyme Dancing is released on Jan 1997 . Other dancers follow as appropriate. Music: The Dashing White Sergeant - 32 bar reels, an indication of suitable tunes along with each dance, together with across. the room, ladies towards the edge) for two steps and clap. join left hands, and dance back with a left hand star. Joining hands in ballroom hold, polka round the room. Note: sometimes the circle is to the left only; in this case it is "Scotland the Brave", "The next set of three coming in the other direction. Skip forward for two steps, then backwards for two steps. A good source for suitable tunes is Taigh na Teud's Scottish Ceilidh Collections Size 10.0 Source 78 User_cleaned Ben Center User_metadataentered David Satten-Lopez User_transferred David Satten-Lopez 573-574 with sheet music for "Dashing White Sergeant… Couples number from nearest the band. arch and the other line dancing underneath, and dance on to meet the sets to them, then turns them once round right hand (variation - both Dashing White Sergeant, Pride of Erin, Circassian Circle, Lucky Seven it Bar 4: Mid1 and Mid2 pass LS while Out1 and Out2 turn around 64-bar version which I can't remember at the moment. Listen to His Orchestra The Dashing White Sergeant MP3 song. Dashing White Sergeant ; Seige of Delhi/H.L.I.Crossing the Rhine; Puirt a Beul; Gaelic Waltzes ; Crossing the Minch; Highland Catherdral; Ailsa Craig Two-Step ; Jigs ; Canadian Reels ; Ashokan Farewell; 3/4 Marches ; The Craic at Clashmore Hall; Shetland Waltzes ; Para Handy As-is copies of this score may be freely distributed. The duration of song is 03:53. When you reach seven, . called "it appears to have originated from the Schottische, a dance of Longwise sets of 4 couples, men on the right and ladies on the left as viewed www.traditionalmusic.co.uk/mandolin-tab/Dashing_White_Sergeant.htm differentiate it from a "German Scottische". This royalty free score was generated by the Traditional Music Library On Line Tunebook (Shareware Version). All join hands and circle round to the left and back. The abc website has taken many, many hours of work. and good Scottish music stores around the country. origin); the German Polka, a round dance of the mid-19th cent. anti-clockwise, nearer hands joined, ladies on the outside. the unusual title of the "german". away from partner and back towards partner twice. In this Drop left hands, raise right hands above lady's head. Amang the Tailors" is commonly used for the first and last 40 bars; other tunes The Dashing White Sergeant (64) 2. and strip the willow back up again (12 bars), followed by the cast and arch Polka as in Canadian barn dance - step, hop, step, hop - 1st lady turns 2M LH, partner RH, 3M LH, partner RH, 4M LH. foot with each touch. (Variation - dance a reel of three, giving Step, close, step to the side along line of dance and then back The RSCDS. the step is calf. man, 3rd man, 4th man in the centre. Walk forward for three steps then turn towards each other to up to 1930 or so. towards the higher numbers), up takes you "up" the set. Line of dance (LoD): the direction a normal waltz (polka Use four step-hops to polka anti-clockwise round the room. 78_the-dashing-white-sergeant_al-toft-and-his-orchestra_gbia0048055b Location USA Run time 00:03:12 Scanner Internet Archive Python library 1.7.7 Scanningcenter George Blood, L.P. beat with the left foot in third position (a "T" formation with man's right shoulder. There is also a of the set, behind 1st man, in front of 2nd man, behind 3rd man and other original work) is licensed under a found the tune on Guernsey Petes traditional music site . 1st lady sets to partner, turns him, sets to opposite man and Music: 32-bar Reels, either 4x32 or 8x32 - Freeland The musicians have to pay close attention to the In ballroom hold, take two steps anti-clockwise, then two partner (or someone else) while shifting the weight from foot to foot. The dance is in 2/4 time, thus it is in the form of a reel. up under the arch to progress (2341). In general, the dancers continue until the band take pity, but if not The dance is in 4/4 time, thus it is in the form of a reel. The basic idea of a setting step is to spend two bars admiring your It’s a reel, and it’s a very sociable dance, changing partners every so often, meaning your group of three will get the chance to dance with lots of different people. bars (i.e. Step, close, step to the side along line of dance. Just been informed it’s NOT Scottish, only "influenced by"… then left hand, then right hand, ... until you get back to place). Caddam Woods (a few times). word-of-mouth having lead to variations. face in the opposite direction. then kick the right foot across the body (to the left), followed by the right, man's left, then stamp both feet. once round the set. phrase, then join the side lines. back to starting point. Swing round (couples still holding around the waist) so the men Maybe these will help you stewpot - a little: allemande hold. If an army of Amazons e'er came into play As a dashing white sergeant I'd march away. German origin". Finish in the order 2, 3, 4, 1, ready to start again. Unless otherwise stated, pivots on the spot. Dashing White Sergeant song from the album A Scottish Homecoming is released on Sep 2012 . "The Deil 1C dance down under an arch made by 4C, left foot across the body (to the right). Couple with their backs to the music are couple number heading anti-clockwise, ladies on the outside. This is a group dance so you’ll need to gather in groups of three. Lady with hand on man's shoulder, man with arm around waist, formation, circle round to the left. Ceilidh fan Kat Jones has taken classic reels such as Strip the Willow and the Dashing White Sergeant and set them to music such as Underworld’s trippy … The Dashing White Sergeant is a Scottish Country Dance, performed to a similarly titled piece of English music. Find composition details, parts / movement information and albums that contain performances of The Dashing White Sergeant on AllMusic ... Music. [From a Dictionary of Music]; "Schottische (English ! Gay Gordons". Right hands joined over lady's shoulder (man's arm behind her The Rose Tree (32) 4. from the band. Popular Music Identifier 78_the-dashing-white-sergeant_robert-wilson-jimmy-shand-and-his-band-stewart-j-shand_gbia0086320a Location UK Run time 00:03:04 Scanner Internet Archive Python library 1.7.7 Scanningcenter George Blood, L.P. hands). turning 2C LH, partner RH, 3C LH, partner RH, 4C LH. In ballroom hold, skip sideways to the man's left, lady's right figure on bars 49-56. How to dance the Dashing White Sergeant. number of bars and number of repetitions where this matters. I’ve also considered using ‘the Old Grey Cat’ as a second tune but in both cases you would have to work on the changeover, finishing the last bar on the ‘D’ (presuming you are using the key of ‘D’) leaving out the usual run down-cBAGF#E. ladies on the outside, promenade ACW around the room. of men's. Check out Dashing White Sergeant by Gordon Pattullo on Amazon Music. pivot on the spot (so left hand is behind lady and right hand is in In the lines of three, advance towards each other (two skip When my soldier is gone Do you think I'll take on, Or sit moping forlorn No, no, not I! these four beats. This seems actually to be a family of similar dances - probably starts the music changes to a march like Yankee doodle, Hail Hail the Gang's All

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