what is the measure of angle bcd 37° 53° 74°
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what is the measure of angle bcd 37° 53° 74°  등록일  2021-01-25

⇒ 37° + y + 90° = 180° ( given ∠SPQ = 90°), Question 8: In the figure, side QR of ∆PQR is produced to point S. If the bisectors of ∠PQR and ∠PRS meets at point T, then prove that: ∠QTR = (1/2) ∠QPR. Estimate the measures of the angles. A regular polygon is drawn in a circle so that each vertex is on the circle and is connected to the center by a radius. You will receive an answer to the email. 2 × 90° + (n – 2) × 150° = (2n – 4) × 90°. Question 18: If each exterior angle of a regular polygon is 45°, then find the number of its sides. ADC is a right triangle. 2 degrees B. his account statement does not include a deposit of $107.00 that he made on november 1st. Computers and Technology, 16.11.2020 22:50. Find the measure of ∠A. Eiko is wearing a magic ring that increases the power of her healing spell by 30%30\%30%30, percent. Angle BCD is a circumscribed angle of circle A. Circle A is shown. Similarly, ray OC is the bisector of angle BCD. 3 In triangle EFG, EF 10.3 cm, FG 9.7 cm and angle FEG 74°. - the answers to estudyassistant.com 53°. This make a    right triangle ABC. Step-by-step explanation: E=6.6. Angles should be measured by degrees which has the symbol of a little circle °. What is the approximate area of the hexagon? Question 1: In the figure, find all the angles of ∆ABC. choose the expression that is the correct equilibrium for the reaction: aa + bb cc + dd. RBSE Maths Chapter 6 -Rectilinear Figures Class 9 Important questions and solutions are available at BYJU’S. Find m∠IHG. Tangents B C and D C intersect at point C outside of the circle. Therefore, the greatest angle of the triangle is the right angle, i.e. Most people speak Arabic. 65. 36. * A. Let 5x, 3x and 7x be the angles of the triangle. 7(4) - 5 = 23

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